If you've been in a car accident, and you're experiencing headaches, working with an Eagle, ID, chiropractor who can provide auto accident injury treatment can be the right choice. At Legacy Chiropractic, we can help treat whiplash and other conditions, so you can address issues from your collision and put the accident behind you. It's harder to move forward when you're still dealing with the aftereffects of any vehicle accident but the right chiropractic treatment from a “chiropractor near me” can help.


What Causes Whiplash?

Whiplash is caused by the "whipping" motion of your head and neck when you're involved in a car accident. Because the force of the collision stops you so fast, your head and neck aren't able to fully compensate for the rapid deceleration your vehicle and its passengers experience. You may find that your neck starts to hurt almost immediately after an accident, or that you feel fine for days or even weeks before the pain begins. Everyone's experience can be different.

Are Headaches Common after Car Accidents?

Headaches can happen after car accidents. Your spine and joints can end up out of alignment and you might find that you're experiencing more headaches than you had in the past. Your headaches could also be more severe, since you may have more pressure on the supporting structures in and around your neck.

Do You Need Auto Accident Injury Treatment?

If you need auto accident injury treatment, a chiropractor can be a good choice. You may benefit from this treatment if you were recently in a car accident, and you're experiencing whiplash, headaches, or other aches and pains. While headaches are somewhat common and treatable, they definitely aren't the only pain condition that car accident victims experience. For chiropractic treatment options, contact a chiropractor on our chiropractic care team.

Get Whiplash and Auto Accident Injury Treatment

At Legacy Chiropractic, we want to help anyone in the Eagle, ID, area who's been in a car accident and is dealing with headaches. Whether your accident was recent and your head has started to hurt, or you have chronic headaches from an older accident, we're here to help. Get in touch with us today and let us work with you to help reduce or eliminate the headache pain you're experiencing. Call us at (208) 297-1414 for whiplash and auto accident injury treatment from a “chiropractor near me.”

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